I have been around Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers or as they're called here in Yarmouth Co. Nova Scotia 'Little River Duck Dogs' for over 50 years. I have heard many stories and tales told over the years about these little red dogs, not just hunting stories but also as loving & loyal family pets.
Growing up in Yarmouth Nova Scotia, our first family dog was what else a Little River Duck Dog, or what I will now refer to as a Toller, or the official CKC name Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever.

I remember well the evening we went to get our much anticipated puppy. After supper, Dad & Mom packed my brother and me into the back of our old VW Beetle and headed out to Little River Harbour. As kids, we thought it was just about the longest car ride in the world.  When we finally got there, the 'old man' led us into the barn where we were greeted by a litter of red fluffy roly-poly puppies.

I can still remember sitting on the barn floor among the pups that all wanted to come home with us. We picked out what we thought was the 'cutest' puppy there, (I'm sure they all looked the same) and we brought Lady home. I can still remember Dad saying “I can't believe I paid $5.00 for a dog!” That was a lot of $$ back in 1967!


Even though Lady was 'just a pet' and never ever saw a duck she was still the best dog around. She loved everybody and never got herself in any kind of trouble. Back in the 60's there were no leash laws and Lady was free to roam the neighborhood, never going further than across the street to lie on a neighbor's front porch.
 Lady & Ranger 1971
One of our neighbors was Dr. Donnie Armstrong, the son of Fred Armstrong who kept Fred's stud toller 'Ranger' but to us kids Ranger was just another neighborhood dog.
**Fred Armstrong, breeder of Little River duck dogs Bellville, Yarmouth Co. NS
My friend Kathy Nickerson has also been instrumental in my decision to raise 'duck dogs'.  Kathy is the daughter of the late Avery Nickerson founder of the legendary HARBOUR LIGHTS KENNEL.  Kathy, knowing of my love of tollers has been at me for years, to start my own kennel, especially after the passing of her mother and the termination of HARBOUR LIGHTS KENNEL.
**In the 1960's Avery Nickerson and Eldon Pace started HARBOUR LIGHTS KENNEL and dedicated themselves to producing the finest hunting dogs possible.
In 2007 I set out to learn all about Tollers and starting my own kennel. This led me to Jim & Deanna Jeffery who founded Littleriver Kennel in Yarmouth in 1969.  Jim & Deanna welcomed me to their home, introduced me to their tollers and I was hooked!
** Jim & Deanna Jeffery ~ Littleriver Kennel Permanently Reg'd
Little River's Lady Scarlet ~ October 2007
So now in 2011 with the kids grown and gone, and me reaching early retirement age, I have decided to jump in the water splashing like a Toller and raise these wonderful dogs myself. I will be continuing the bloodlines of proven sound, top quality hunting and show Toller's, from a Nova Scotia born & raised 'Little River Duck Dog' Kennel”
Home raised and loved, our dogs are a part of our family. Here they have access to the fields and the lake behind our home, enjoying the country life on our 200 acre farm.
And so friends, that is a short bio & history that has taken us to this point in our lives and to our SCOTIAPRIDE KENNEL.
We look forward to hearing from you! 
Barbara & David Blauvelt


 If you haven't loved a dog, a part of your heart has never opened