Dog lovers are a good breed themselves.
-Gladys Taber
Scotiapride Kennel is a Member of
The Canadian Kennel Club
The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Club of Canada

 CKC Breed Standard
Toller Tales, Links & Info
Open database for Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever pedigrees
NSDTR Breed Description and Information
Toller Health Coalition
the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals
DNA based diagnoses and information about inherited diseases of dogs.

Household Medications for Dogs
Common household human medications that can be used on pets 
**if you can't reach a veterinarian immediately**

Pet Safety Guide has created a comprehensive guide written by industry experts 
to help people make informed decisions about their pets safety.
Because of their unbiased approach many publications, government entities, 
and businesses use their guides as resources for their readers.
Here is the link which includes chapters on: Common household hazards for pets, 
food safety for pets, pet-proofing and natural disaster preparation for pet owners. 

Physical Therapy For Pets

Toller Grooming Tips
Canada's Guide to Dogs
'Little red dog' gains major recognition
Jim & Deanna Jeffery LittleRiver Kennels Permanently Reg'd.
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Retriever Training Tips & Tactics
Working For Public Safety and Human health


In order to really enjoy a dog, one doesn't merely try to train him to be semi human.
The point of it is to open oneself to the possibility of becoming partly a dog.
~Edward Hoagland