CKC Registered

Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers






On ___/___/___ the following Sales Agreement and Guarantee was agreed to


­­­­­the breeder (seller) and the buyer as named below:


Breeder (seller): ScotiaPride Tollers

Buyer: _________________________________________________________



The seller does hereby sell to the buyer one dog described as follows:



Retriever, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling



Date of Birth:








CKC Litter #:



ScotiaPride Tollers


For the amount of $________.00 plus Shipping of $______.___

For the total of $________.___


Notes: ____________________________







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Buyers Email Address:

Witness Name:
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Seller(s) Signature & Date:

Sellers Address and Contact Information:
ScotiaPride Tollers

Barbara Blauvelt

635 Brazil Lake Road

Brenton, N.S.


B5A 5N3

Phone: (902) 761-2299






Breeders Agreement and Buyers Conditions


Your ScotiaPride puppy to the best of our knowledge is in good health and temperament at the time of purchase. We cannot guarantee against what might occur due to circumstances beyond our control once they leave our kennel. As responsible breeders we do everything possible to breed dogs of sound mind (temperament) and body. We expect that this puppy be properly socialized and attend puppy obedience classes (optional). Proper feeding, exercise, socializing and training all have a bearing on the end results of a sound adult dog.

You will have a health guarantee up to 72 hours after you have obtained possession of the puppy. If something is found seriously wrong with your puppy it will be replaced with another as soon as one becomes available. A signed letter from the attending veterinarians’ examination describing the puppies’ health condition must be received by ScotiaPride kennel within seven days of the examination. Failure to do so relieves the seller of all liability.

If at any time from the date of birth until the dog reaches 24 months of age, this dog develops severe hip/elbow dysplasia or suffers loss of eyesight due to Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) or Collie Eye Anomaly (CEA) we will replace the dog with another as soon as one becomes available. Only x-ray reports from an OFA certified veterinary radiologist and eye reports by a certified veterinary ophthalmologist and certification of Optigen test results are accepted.

Should this dog be deemed to be overweight, or found to have had excessive stress on his/her joints we reserve the right to refuse a replacement dog. Should the buyer elect to have surgery we will provide a one-time payment of $200.00. Acceptance of the cash payment option forfeits a replacement puppy and this portion of the contract becomes null and void.

The seller has the option to request the dog be returned with appropriate documentation before a replacement is granted. Should the buyer prefer to retain the dog, the buyer thereby forfeits any replacement. (Note: all shipping charges are non-refundable and the responsibility of the purchaser.)

Any condition caused by carelessness or neglect, will void any guarantee.

Scotiapride puppies are CANADACHIP micro chipped and are registered with the Canadian Kennel Club. They have been started on an inoculation program and are sold on a CKC Non-Breeding Agreement. Spay/neuter is required before the dog reaches 11 months of age. CKC registration will be held until I receive receipt certification from the attending veterinarian of the spay/neuter. Failure to do so will result in this contract becoming null and void.

If the puppy is returned for ANY reason, the buyer is responsible for all costs including transportation, crate, and health certificate. This includes show puppies that are unacceptable to the buyer for any reason.

The buyer will, from time to time, advise the breeder of the dog’s progress and will not hesitate to contact the breeder with any problems or questions that he/she may encounter.

The buyer will be eligible for a one time refund of $50.00 (CDN. funds) from the seller upon proof of completion of a Championship, Field, Agility, DockDogs or Obedience title as recognized by the Canadian or American Kennel Clubs. Agility titles as recognized by the Agility Association and DockDogs titles as recognized by the DockDogs Association will also be honored.

Each party acknowledges that he has read this contract it its entirety and fully understands the terms and conditions set out in it and affirms that upon signing the agreement it will become a legal and binding contract.

Any dispute over a ScotiaPride Toller or any ScotiaPride Contract which leads to litigation will be brought exclusively to the Canadian Court System and to the Courts of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.

ScotiaPride Tollers.