Happiness is a warm puppy."

-Charles Schulz 


Unfortunately at this time we are not accepting any new inquiries for puppies
The wait for a ScotiaPride / Littleriver puppy is at least three + years
Please contact the CKC or the AKC for a list of breeders.
I will remove this update when things change.
Thank you,
Scotia Pride / Littleriver Tollers


Since the passing of my friend and mentor Jim Jeffery Littleriver Kennels (Yarmouth) and the retirement of his partner Douglas Coldwell Littleriver Kennel (Blomidon) there has been overwhelming interest and inquiries for our ScotiaPride-Littleriver puppies. 

That is why last 04/18 we stopped taking puppy inquiries and reservations until I could figure out a better way to do so and after MUCH MUCH thought I think I have come up with a fair approach, process & procedure.

It is mind-boggling to say the least going back to names on my puppy list from as far back as 2015 contacting people in the order that they have been waiting on my list, waiting for replies back, etc. Then I have Jim’s list as well….

I even started a last minute list for late cancellations but even that list started to get complicated. 

Meanwhile the puppies are growing. 

Starting today, to each puppy inquiry e-mail, or FB message received I will reply with a puppy information letter about our dogs. When you reply back, you can tell me about yourself, where you live, your preference if any of male or female and your plans for your puppy/dog.


The date I received your email or FB message to me and your follow up to my puppy information letter is what I will go by.

PLEASE NOTE: I will be honouring all previous email correspondence from as far back as 2015 if you send a copy of your original email to me. 

When we have puppies available I will post the number of available puppies on our ScotiaPride FB Page. 

This way if it is the right time for you to welcome a new puppy into your home you can then respond to the FB post.

It will be a 1st come 1st serve placement BUT puppy will also be placed in the order that I received your original puppy inquiry, and your follow up to my puppy information letter. 

If a puppy in the current litter will be going to you I will then require a $250. NON-REFUNDABLE deposit to hold your puppy until puppy is ready to go to his/her forever home then payment in full is due.

Please do not email me to ask when my next litter will be, or when I will have a puppy for you or how many people are ahead of you. This number changes all the time depending on if that next person is ready for their puppy. 

I have people from 2016 still not ready. This is why I have had to make these changes. 

I never know if or when we will have puppies. That is entirely up to the dogs so I encourage you to contact other breeders.

You can find reputable breeders listed on the CKC, AKC and the NSDTR Club of Canada websites.

I do know that the soonest their could be a puppy available will be at least fall 2019. 

Barbara Blauvelt

ScotiaPride Tollers


"Properly trained, a man can be a dog's best friend."
-Corey Ford